An Essay on Time

An Essay on Time

The cycle of human life revolves around the sun. As sun rises and sets every day, every individual wake up and sleeps every day with or without some exceptions.

It is apparent that we live in time-space. Every instant of our time is like a flowing river. The moments that we share with friends, loved ones and family, once gone, cannot come back. These moments are then stored in the form of images in our brain. These images float around like the pendulum every now and then.

For example, I have realized that my childhood days cannot come back again. Those times, when I used to ride hundreds of miles with a bicycle, my father first bought me. The time when I met great friends, who used to crack jokes, smile and sing a song, once I felt depressed. All such events are now, stored in my memory, in the form of images.

One simple hypothesis would be that, we live on the surface of the earth but if someone would be hanged above the surface of the earth at the equator without moving, like the static pendulum that person might never experience past, present or future. Maybe our marriage with the sun is vital for our journey with the time.

In my quest for the basic understanding of time, I have come to the conclusion that time is neither everything nor anything. Time might be totality of events as Newton has said at one point and relatively in motion as Einstein has said at other point. What do you think?

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