30 Headlines to Kick Start Your Hub Writing

30 Headlines to Kick Start Your Hub Writing

Want to write a how-to article but can’t come up with a topic?

Start by naming the three biggest problems your friends and family face. You’ve just come up with three ideas for three different articles. If you own a business be sure the topics tie into a service you provide, a product you sell, or a cause or issue you want to promote.

Once you’ve chosen a topic, it’s time to select a title. Here’s a list of possibilities. Simply fill in the blank, depending on what you’ve decided to write about.

  • A Part-Timer’s Tactics for a Full-Timer’s ______________
  • A Quiz: Test Your ______________ Smarts
  • Cash in on _______________ Trends
  • Chasing the Right ______________
  • Cool Tools for Today’s ______________
  • Common Errors That Kill ______________
  • Discover the 7 Essential Elements That Guarantee ______________
  • Finding the ______________That is Uniquely You
  • Good News for ______________
  • How to Bounce Back from ______________
  • How to Get Other People to ______________
  • How to Handle ______________
  • How to Make ______________ Work for You
  • How to Make Your ______________ Dreams Come True
  • How to Turn ______________ into ______________

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