Adding Chia Seeds to Your Diet: An Informal Case Study

Adding Chia Seeds to Your Diet: An Informal Case Study

Adding chia seeds to your diet can have many beneficial effects. This article looks at four people who have been using them regularly for a year and the effects they have experienced. The four people involved are aged between 30 and 90 years old. They are my brother, my aunt, my son and myself.

We each use chia seeds differently, in different amounts and in ways that suit us and our lifestyles. We are all interested in health, eat well, and were interested in trying them because of the reported benefits of increased energy and because they are a good source of omega three fats.

My son, in his early thirties is a student and goes to the gym regularly. He find he has more energy when he has chia seeds before a workout, and this energy is sustained longer. He also finds they help his concentration when he is studying or has an assignment to complete. He also finds he is not as hungry on days when he has chia seeds. His favourite ways to have them are in cookies and also in chia fresca, which is a drink that has the whole seeds added. He does not have them every day but on an as needed basis.

As you can see we have all noticed benefits from adding chia seeds to our diets. Even as little as one dessert spoon of these seeds a day can give good results. None of us has noticed any ill effects from eating them.

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