;Rewrite Software;: The End Of The English Language

;Rewrite Software;: The End Of The English Language

In my all-too long life, I have seen many ravages befall my treasured and beloved English language. Slang has attacked it from all sides. Acronymism and initialism has chipped away at its soul. Hispanicization, Asianization and the other incongrous language hybridizations have diluted its expressive power and broken its spirit.

Yet, the ultimate barbarian at the gate is in the form of web hucksters who for the low low low price of a couple of hundred dollars will sell you software that rewrites anything.

There is a booming market in rewriting these days. Since Google can find an identical phrase anywhere on the web, web site owners and publishers who lack the creativity and originality to actually come up with their own content have opened up website cloning factories where severely underpaid writers toil away in their little corner of cyberspace, mostly in the Third World, and crank out endless copies.


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