What Makes An Effective Argument Essay

What Makes An Effective Argument Essay

The writer uses reasons and examples to add substance to his or her point of view. Contradicting viewpoints are also mentioned to add more credibility to the argument.

What You Need to Include in Your Composition

You only have to follow the basics in writing compositions. You start with an introduction that gives the readers a clear picture of what your essay is all about. Then you spill out all the important points and details in the main body. Finally, you wrap up the discussion with a conclusion that convinces the reader of your point. To discuss in detail:


This is where you give a brief statement on what your topic is about. You also point out what your standpoint is.

-Main Body

This is where you give a full discussion on your reasons for supporting the standpoint. You also state specific examples, anything that will make your point convincing.

Be coherent

Write effective paragraphs. Start with main points and avoid using long sentences. Use linking words and conjunctions to keep your sentences, paragraphs and ideas coherent.

One important ingredient when writing your composition is to be genuinely interested in what you are communicating. Do not choose to argue on a position that you don’t believe in.

The bottom line is that your argument essay must come from the heart; otherwise, you audience is likely to read right through you.

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