Philosophical Essay of History in Connection to Our Lives

Philosophical Essay of History in Connection to Our Lives

The nature of history or lack thereof

There are three words for me to describe the nature of history. These are mysterious, amazing and unforgettable. Now to explain why is the nature of history mysterious, it is mysterious in a sense that all of us, all of the human kinds whether a pro-history or an anti-history although knew what is history, when tried to asked them and make them answer the question of where did history came first and when did history occur first, you and I, I mean all of us will be speechless and maybe or not be stunned because history really is a mysterious thing that exists. Imagine how history knew all the things about us, from our ancestors, how we became Christian or Muslim, our family, the day when we became humans and history also knew why we had all this kind of attitudes, in short, history is like more than our parents who knows all of us very well, that is the reason why history is mysterious, again, because history knows all the things about us, while us never knew the history of history.

Second is amazing, one of the natures of history is amazing because it gives us inspirations and aspirations some maybe a hope for revenge. Nature of history amazes us to think that without history we cannot appreciate anything even though there was the mathematics and science to make us appreciate solutions on the problems, just like history always did but still history is different, yes history will make us appreciate solutions too but at the same time it also makes us understand about ourselves and our world naturally unlike the mathematics and science that will make us appreciate things because solutions are made not naturally but by some ideas of human minds. History, mathematics and science, although these are the three major subjects in the academic schools, see and realize that mathematics and science are similar for problems always have a solutions because it was made by humans unlike history where problems and solutions also made by humans but does not have a particular evidence to tell us that problems and solutions in history really happened before, it does not have a concrete evidence to tell us that events in the past really occurs and because of these history challenges us to find the concrete answer and while doing this we found out that it inspires us to find the truth and that is how it amazes us to think that it’s just a subject yet it challenges us more than what mathematics and science do just to give a concrete data or evidence and to try to avoid falsity.

History and its relation to time

History and time are both important. Have you ever noticed that every single event in the history, time always associates, not in a sense like the Philippines got its independence on this particular time, it’s the date because the calendar will never change without the time. Therefore, the relation of history and the time is seriously important because without the time we won’t be able to know the exact day, month and year of the important events that affects us today.

History and its relation to life

It’s so easy to say that the history’s relation to life is just that life or us who has life studies history. That is what going through the mind of those people who we might call the anti-history or people disliking history. History’s relation to life just like any other relationship is much more important. History is important to our life because we do not use history only to study the past but also to know more about ourselves, other people’s lives and our society. It’s not unusual to know that others just don’t notice what really history do to their lives, others will also just say that history is boring without realizing that history never ever did separated from their lives, that history sometimes is the one who give them inspirations. Inspired us like not doing cruel things on others to make people see how different you are from your ancestors who did harm others. Unnoticeable to others also is that how history gives us moral values to know where we are really supposed to be or where are we really supposed to go. Thus, history shaped our attitude.

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