Email Subject Lines That Work – Case Study #12

Email Subject Lines That Work – Case Study #12

Subject line case study [example]

Get paid to write blog posts – follow this simple method

Here’s why I think this line works [and gets people open the email]: This implies there’s a simple way anyone can use to make money with blog posts. Ah, making money online through blogging; one of my favorite topics! Does this subject interest you too? Then you’d definitely consider opening the email with the subject line above. Here’s why:

"Get paid" – if you’re human, you want to make more money, online and offline; it’s in our nature to get more of what we already have; when into debts, we want to get rid of it, thus we’re looking for a way to get some extra cash coming in to help us get out of debts, right.

What I think you should do now is test-drive this line in your niche or industry. Think of the possibilities here; how would you turn this to fit your email campaign? Here are two examples: Get paid to write articles – follow this simple "trick" Get paid to baby-sit – follow this 3-step checklist Could you think of something else?

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