Challenges of Citing Websites, Blogs and Forums in Research Papers

Challenges of Citing Websites, Blogs and Forums in Research Papers

Anybody who does a lot of research probably uses the Internet and the search engines to find the information they need to study their field of expertise or industry. Of course there is a problem with citing web sites, blogs or Internet forums in research papers. One of the biggest problems is that many of these venues might change or even go off-line.

There are problems with research papers citing works which no longer exist and the research paper is not allowed to copy the information into the back of their appendix in the research paper because that would be considered plagiarism or might break copyright laws. Perhaps you can see the Catch-22. Often when our online think tank writes e-books or research papers we will cite web sites and we also realize that these web sites may change that information or disappear.

Can you begin to see the problem with this? This poses a real problem and most people know that there are web sites that are highly credible out there on the Internet. Even Wikipedia, has now been banned from being cited in academic college research papers under the MLA standards. Something will have to change to come into reality considering the way that the Internet has moved our society and civilization into the future.

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