How to Structure a College Essay for Busy Readers

How to Structure a College Essay for Busy Readers

If you’re concerned about getting started on your college essay, you can relax – if you’ve followed the preliminary planning process laid out in previous articles. This plan for your college essay helps establish the logic of your paper and helps you write in a clear, concise and orderly manner. You’ll want to follow this process on all the papers you write, not just for college essays.

Let’s talk about structuring your college essay for busy readers. When you consider the importance of making a good first impression combined with the tired eyes of the college administrators who must read all the applications that come pouring in you get an idea of why you need to grab the attention of the reader and get your points across quickly and clearly.

For students who prefer to write an essay about a single experience here is a good diagram to follow. Start with an introductory statement followed by a thesis statement. Next comes a preview statement and a topic sentence. Now you’ll develop the topic and transition to the next topic sentence. Repeat this process until you’ve covered all the topics you have to discuss in the college essay. Finally, end with a concluding statement that ties the whole essay together. That’s the type of well-written cohesive essay that impresses college admissions officers.

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