GRE analytical writing: how to get a perfect 6.0 score

GRE analytical writing: how to get a perfect 6.0 score

With the right preparation and strategy, you can get a 6.0 on the GREanalytical writing test. You just need toknow how to write for the test. I got 6.0 the first time I sat the GRE test – and if I can do it, so can you!

In this article I am going to outline what you need to do to get 6.0 score in analytical writing. I am going to tell you how to prepare quickly and effectively for the writing section of the test, and I have written below the tips you need to write a great answer in both sections: writing about and issue, and analyzing an argument.

But first I want to share with you the best advice I can give anyone sitting any kind of test. This is the secret of my academic success:

Find out what the examiners expect of you in the test, and give them exactly what they want.

I am a great fan of creative flair but an exam is not the time to start ‘doing your own thing’. In fact more than any test I’ve ever sat, the GRE analytical writing section is about keeping things simple and well structured. It’s not the time to wax lyrical – it’s the time to focus on the job and get it done within the 45 minutes!

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