Writing and Presenting Academic Essays

Writing and Presenting Academic Essays

After you have chosen a question, one that you understand and interests you, reread the primary text with the question in mind, then analyse the text with the question in mind. It is essential that you make notes as you read your text whilst thinking about the key words in your chosen title, and select quotes that are relevant to the question.

Secondly, do some secondary reading. Use critics to build upon your argument, but do not let critics dominate your essay; show that you have engaged with the text.

Next create an essay plan, always keeping in mind the question. Never drift from the question. You must then work out what you are going to argue based on your analysis of the primary text and what you have discovered from secondary texts.

Finally complete a bibliography listing all the books, journals and websites you consulted when researching your essay.

Proof read your essay and check for:

•Incorrect grammar

•Incorrect punctuation

•Incorrect spelling

•Incorrect presentation

•Drifting from the question


•Unnecessary plot summary

•Very short and very long paragraphs


•Lack of analysis of quotations

•Omitted references/footnotes

•Incorrect presentation of bibliography

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