Case Study – Recruiting

Case Study – Recruiting

Fred, a high school principal, is in search of a hard-to-find science teacher. After meeting Megan, he was sure she was perfect for the position. However, Megan is engaged to be married and must wait for her fiancé to find job within commuting distance before accepting a position. Fred, eager to higher Megan, made calls to colleagues in the accounting field to see if there were any openings for Megan’s fiancé.

-If a principal has to terminate the employment one then he could loose both. ‘If you fire my husband, I’ll quit’.

-Professional Development conflicts. They both have graduate degrees in Educational Leadership from Old Dominion University but the wife took the Human Resource Development & Evaluation course and was promoted to Vice Principal ahead of her husband. The husband is uncomfortable with this and is thinking of looking for another job.

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