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Scholarships For Moms Can Give You $10,000 Through an Essay Or Scholarship Drawing

Scholarships For Moms Can Give You $10,000 Through an Essay Or Scholarship Drawing

There are many different ways that you can apply for scholarships for moms and in this article we will go over a few ways so you can get your free money. Here are three ways that you can get scholarships for moms to pay your way through college by giving you an additional $10,000.

Scholarships for moms can be obtained by these two methods below.

Write your essay for a scholarship for moms – not all scholarships for moms will accept this, but some do – say who you are and explain your situation. When you’re writing an essay, it is important to not make your story seem so sad that you depress the people that are evaluating your writing. You need to get your point across and make some valid expressions of who you are outside of your financial situation.

This is over $1,000,000 given out to single moms each month.

The truth is the amount of free money that you can receive from drawings and writing an essay for a scholarship for moms is staggering. If you applied for every scholarship for moms available you could get your college paid for 2 to 3 times over. This makes you borrow money something of the past.

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Case Study – The Effectiveness of Busch Recycling Containers in Michigan State University

Case Study – The Effectiveness of Busch Recycling Containers in Michigan State University


Michigan State University

•Founded in 1855

•The top research institution and leader in international engagement

•Currently has 533 buildings and over 40,000 students enrolled in the more than 200 programs

•First recycling program was launched in 1991

•Thousands of recycling containers have been scattered across the campus

Busch Systems International

•North American leader of waste, compost and recycling containers for the past 25 years

•Set the industry standard for the yearly production of new molded bins

•Each container is 100% recyclable and North America made with a minimum of 35% recycled content

Waste Watcher

•Space efficient, high density, attractive and functional

•Ideal for high traffic areas

•Holds upward of 23 gallons of recyclables or waste

•Has custom lids, labels and openings for easy sorting

•Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also uses these containers

MSU found the custom openings on the containers to work well with their program. The openings feature a simple, clean sorting system which is easy to identify and use. This diverts more materials into the correct container and reduces the resources spent sorting them.


Overall, Busch recycling containers have increased MSU’s recycling participation. They have also improved the quality of sort from the collected materials. What remains to be seen is how the program will take shape in the coming months and how this will impact future initiatives. Nevertheless, the new containers allow for more recyclables to be collected in more areas. This increases the profit made by the recycling center and reduces the schools carbon footprint.

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Getting paid for writing short stories

Getting paid for writing short stories

It looks like a silly question. Anyone can write a story, send it to a magazine and get paid. However, the truth behind getting your stories published even in non paying magazines is hard to imagine. Magazines aren’t really short of writers. In fact, a lot of people write fiction, but not all of them get paid, let alone get published online or in print.

You’re wrong I got my stories published online.

Of course there are numerous ways to have an audience and publish your stories and eventually make fans as potential buyers of your craft in the long run: Booksie and Storywrite are examples among others.

But, if you want to get paid you can either do it the amateur way or the professional way. The former consists of sending your fiction to a paying website like Triond and Hubpages after signing up and publishing your pieces of fiction and driving enough traffic to get paid through advertisements.

I have myself a couple of short stories in Hubpages that I serialized in several parts. You can have a look here:

  • The Dawn of Post Humans ( a science fiction short story in three parts )
  • The Gods of Knowledge ( a fantasy short story )

Keep in mind that your short stories shouldn’t be less than 500 words so as to be indexed in the search engine. They should not be published elsewhere to avoid issues with duplicate content.

I already know that. Isn’t there any other way?

There is also PatronQuowhere you submit your work and get paid by the Patrons ( your supporting community ) whose members will get themselves displayed on your writers’ pages in return as a form of advertisement.

And the professional way?

For the professional way you better determine what kind of stories you write and what fiction market is willing to pay for them.

Wait! How could I possibly know?

Fortunately, you are not going to search internet at random. Duotrope offers a large database for magazines sorted by genre. In other words, if you are a fantasy writer you can run a search within Duotrope to pick up the magazines which publish fantasy and submit to them after following their guidelines.

There are several search options and you can narrow down your search to only submit to a professional paying market ( 5 cents per word ) if you are confident about your talent. But be realistic. Burgeoning writers make their professional pay after long months of honing their craft. Nevertheless, they can make it if they are good enough with token payment ( 5 $ or less ) for an accepted piece of fiction or/and receive a contributor copy of the magazine where their story appears on. Anyway before tackling those professional market, make sure you read some free online guides about selling short fiction like The Quester’s Guide to Writing Short Fiction That Sells. This way you will have a detailed idea about the reality of pro fiction markets.

What if I fail to get paid?

You won’t if you persist. Writing short stories and getting them published in magazines demand patience. The quality of your work will be judged on its own merit despite the fact that you might be tempted to think about it otherwise.

Final Words

If you are ready for the adventure why not Signing up with Hubpages now and start making money from your short stories traffic. Hubpages is a wonderful community where you can get honest feedback on how to improve your writing and earning.

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Six Sigma Best Practices Improve Revenue: A Case Study

Six Sigma Best Practices Improve Revenue: A Case Study

Six Sigma was developed in 1986 by Motorola and later, gained popularity with companies when Jack Welch implemented the business practices in General Electric. These best practices will reduce the number of defective products produced by companies and improve the efficiency of business practices. Six Sigma has increased the revenue of many companies.

Here is one case study example that can help companies learn how Six Sigma best practice can be applied:

One unnamed cellular service provider was experiencing a problem with their DMAIC process and online top-up system. The service provider was also experiencing low registration rates and top-up rates. Before Six Sigma was implemented, the registration success rate was approximately 80 percent, and the top-up success rates was approximately 60 percent.

Six Sigma Helps Companies Improve Business Practices

Businesses with an understanding of Six Sigma will improve significantly. Every company should consider Six Sigma training for their employees. Companies most often use Six Sigma black belt leaders to lead the projects. Six Sigma green belt leaders and Six Sigma yellow belt leaders are also effective in improving companies’ business processes. Businesses should consider integrating Six Sigma best practices in their organization to improve revenue and efficiency.

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Best 3 Tips For An Expository Essay

Best 3 Tips For An Expository Essay

Whenever you want to do just about anything, you’ll need a plan, a set of guidelines for how to approach it. This is especially true when it comes to an expository essay. Good information on the direction to go and what to avoid may help keep you on track. 3 tips will help you ensure that you have an excellent essay.

When you start to write an expository essay, it’ll be extremely important to try and do things in the right way. Failing to do this will result in an essay that doesn’t follow the standard conventions and may be too opinionated. You could find yourself debating facts, or maybe arguing various points when what you need to do is simply state them and move on..

3. Finally, when writing an expository essay you will need to be sure to be somewhat creative. This can help with readability and clarity, that is definitely a huge component of the overall reading experience that you want the readers to have. Not meeting this can lead you to having a final essay that is very dry and dull and this is not something you want, especially if you enjoy the writing process.

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Case Study – False Debates and Dragon Windmill Slaying

Case Study – False Debates and Dragon Windmill Slaying

Not long ago, I watched an interesting video on the CFR YouTube channel and it was an interview with the famous Senator Barney Franks who was talking about downsizing the military. He was explaining both sides of the argument from his view – his talking points, and what he believed to be the other side to have as theirs – thus, he was stating the opposition’s case, and then defeating that argument. Never mind the fact with all the mixed metaphors and blizzard of hypocrisy they were opposition points that few in the real world would consider legitimate.

Basically, it was a debate by himself and of course he was winning. CFR (The Council on Foreign Relations) was careful to treat him with respect and let him give his talk. Still, this Don Quixote approach to foreign affairs, US military strength, and Federal Budget issues had me thinking that such a high-ranking Senator in all the right committees should have been on the top of his game if he is to serve at that level. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this with CFR, and I suspect far from the last.

For instance, there have been interesting debates in Foreign Affairs, with the same basic motif. Still in my view, it might make sense to actually find someone who really believes in the alternate point of view and can back up facts rather debating against false-arguments. That just makes things look cheesy. The media does this far too often, why emulate what doesn’t work, it resembles more of an angry political think tank rogue blogger who couldn’t make the grade and now feels all left out so they drive chaos and controversy to no avail. CFR should take the high-road or it will have little effect except being able to claim that it has friends in high-places.

There is a difference between BS and knowing what one is doing. I really don’t see CFR as uplifting its own status by allowing the political rhetoric to stand without challenging them, anyone can make things sound good, there’s just too much talk, too many bureaucrat meetings, and far too much incompetence, yes, they are only humans, but this is the US and we are better than that.

CFR should hold everyone accountable and challenge them more, it gets somewhat pathetic to listen to everyone agree all the time, and merely re-identify all the problems that everyone already knows, and then for these folks to make excuses about why things are "Complicated" and therefore they can’t fix it – leaves viewers shaking their heads more often than not. Who knows maybe CFR just wants to uplift their credibility by getting political celebrities to talk, but too often, everyone looks stupid.

Indeed, I hope you’ve enjoyed this case study, as there may be 100s more in the future just like this one.

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