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Thank you Message for Wedding Guests?Samples of what to write in a Card

Thank you Message for Wedding Guests?Samples of what to write in a Card

  1. Your presence on the most important day of my life means a lot to me and my husband/wife. A million thanks to you and your entire family for having us in mind!
  2. Your presence made my husband/wife’s heart filled with lots of joy and happiness. Thanks for making it!
  3. A million thanks to you for making our special day memorable. I don’t know how to appreciate you for your kindness and support. Accept my heartfelt gratitude!
  4. Thanks for being a part of our most important day. Your presence put smile on our faces.
  5. You have been a special part of our beautiful event. Thanks for making it more memorable!
  6. It’s been great to see you share our most important day with us!
  7. We would like to express our greatest thanks to you for honoring our wedding invitation. You hold a special place in my heart. Thank you very much!
  8. Our big event was colorful because of your presence on the wedding day. We were so glad to see you. We look forward to seeing you celebrate our wedding anniversary with us soon.
  9. I would like to express my appreciation for seeing you being part of our joyous day. Thanks for your love and thoughtful generosity.
  10. We were so happy to see you on the wedding day. Thanks for making it more memorable.
  11. We were so glad you could celebrate our big event with us. Accept my thankful wishes!
  12. So sorry you couldn’t attend our wedding. Thank you for the wonderful gift and we hope to see you soon.
  13. We would like to thank you for your support and kindness. We were happy to see you at the event.
  14. Thank you for your thoughts and for celebrating with me on one of the most important days of my life. I appreciate the kindness and love you gave to me as well as the thoughtful gift. It means a lot to me.
  15. We were so happy you could celebrate with us on our special day, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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College Entrance Essays

College Entrance Essays

So you’ve gathered all the applications for the colleges that you want to apply to and as you flip through them, you realize that they each have a section titled "Essay" or something similar.

"Oh boy," you think to yourself…"I don’t even know where to start, sigh." It’s common for high school students to get overwhelmed with filling out college admissions applications. In order to make this process less stressful, I’ve come up with some tips and strategies.

Tip 1 – Read each application carefully. College entrance essays can be tricky. Each school’s questions will vary to some degree. You have to make sure that you fully understand what they’re asking you before you can formulate a response. This is also a good way to figure out which colleges have similar essay questions.

After you’ve solicited everyone’s feedback, make the necessary changes. It’s okay if you decide not to incorporate everybody’s suggestions, that is why we call them suggestions. When it’s all said and done, you have to be satisfied with your college entrance essay when you drop that application packet in the mail.

Happy Writing!

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Student Guide To Writing Essays

Student Guide To Writing Essays

Know your weaknesses. In case you don’t understand something in a lecture then either ask the lecturer in the tutorial or when the seminar finishes. You are responsible for your personal results as a university student; your lecturers really have nothing to do with it. You need to be sensible, professional, and take accountability for your own habits.

Be sure you have no weak points and know some fundamental secrets to success in your essay marks:

1. Know how to use the library resources and get books before everyone else does. This will save money on buying books that you can’t find.

2. Get your life ordered and take clear notes in lectures.

3. Ensure you have a good memory. If you don’t, then make sure you teach yourself the prominent points of a subject.

4. Get good at group work.

5. Know how to write essays, this includes how to reference! Get the relevant books from the library if you need help.

6. Be good at revising if you have exams.

7. Have the ability to focus and get things done. Take accountability for your weaknesses and turn them into strengths!

Bibliography: Make sure you get all the punctuation on your bibliography right. Please consult with your tutor which referencing system you should be using (usually Harvard referencing). You’ll need to draft the essay at least two or three times before it’s going to be deserving giving in. If you have someone you can rely on in your class, then swap essays with them to check for mistakes. It’s much easier to spot other peoples errors than it is your own. You’ll then be ready to submit your essay. Good luck!

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How to Write an Effective Hub Comment

How to Write an Effective Hub Comment

I belong to several writing sites and there is one gripe that keeps emerging across all sites and it has to do with insincere comments. An insincere comment is a comment that has been written for the sake of it to boost one’s own hub score.

Below are some pointer to help construct an effective hub comment.

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Business Ethics Case Study; Unbelievable Government Credit Card Abuse

Business Ethics Case Study; Unbelievable Government Credit Card Abuse

In business management classes across the country MBA students study business ethics. In fact, there are now MBA degrees available that are called Ethics MBAs. But in the real world how ethical is the business community? How ethical is our own government?

How many business travelers for their corporations charge personal items to their credit cards of their corporations? Corporations watch this very closely to make sure everyone follows the rules. Not everyone follows the rules and often there are people who go to extreme lengths to hide their misdeeds.

It appears we cannot trust those fine folks in government and it is about time that we enforced the letter of the law on to the government and the workers who think they are above it. Consider this in 2006.

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Five Possible Reasons Why Your Essay Fails

Five Possible Reasons Why Your Essay Fails

Tired of getting low marks on your class essays? Before you can get those grades up, you will first have to identify your weaknesses. If you don’t have any idea, run through this list of some common problems and see if your desired improvement falls in one of them.

1. Your main thesis is weak. Do you have a tendency to choose a weak thesis? If you suspect along these lines, try going for a controversial topic next time. Choose one that "ruffles some feathers," like they say. Sure, it may not be the most ideal, but taking that kind of risk should help you find more compelling topics for next time.

5. Your writing is plain bad. Maybe you just suck at expressing yourself in written form. If you’re this way, I highly recommend two things: (1) practicing remedial writing and (2) investing in a proofreading software. The former should help you improve even a little; the latter will help clean up any essay you turn in for class. Both should pay off heavily in your favor.

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