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Showing Ambition in Your MBA Essays – Part 2

Showing Ambition in Your MBA Essays – Part 2

So you’re wondering what kind of MBA career vision is worthy for you to gain admission at a top business school.

Where’s the easiest place to look?

For starters, try school websites. However, while you’re surfing through business school websites, try looking at student profiles. You’d be surprised at the responses and stories from most of these students. These are the types of candidates top business schools want to accept. Well, of course, these students have already been accepted so their career visions have gone through the application process. Their ambitions and goals are the perfect guidelines for you.

For example, Harvard Business School loves to show off its current students. If you click ‘Perspectives’ when you visit the website, you have a ton of profiles to read. Click on at least 10 profiles and jot some notes down, watch out for some key words, and try to get a good grasp of the overall student vision. I want you to take its grand-ness and apply to yours in some way. By no means am I saying to copy, rather, get a sense for what business schools are looking for and then apply this level of magnitude to your own stories.

Rule of thumb: The more competitive the business school is, the greater your career vision has to be. At Stanford Graduate School of Business, Associate Manager for Ernst & Young may be a great position, but it won’t turn heads. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate it; second tier and third tier schools may love this career vision. But you may have to provide some more excitement and juice to your career vision if you want to get into Harvard Business School.

As long as you make that career vision sound believable and realistic, you should be fine. As always, try to create a career vision that ties in with your past, your work experience, your hobbies. Good luck!

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