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Crafting Great College Application Essays

Crafting Great College Application Essays

Parents of high school seniors are easy to spot in January and February. They have a worried air about them, appear sleep deprived, and will correct your grammar compulsively. If you haven’t personally lived through the period in your high schooler’s life where they spend hours filling out college forms and writing inspiring personal essays, you might not sympathize, but believe me, your time is coming

The personal essay is one of the most important and challenging aspects of the whole college application process (although that FAFSA ranks up there too), because it must be technically perfect and self reflective. It must be written, edited, and then rewritten. Your student must be careful, too, to completely answer the essay question (which seems self evident, but isn’t always). Sometimes there is an added little phrase in a question, like "… and how did that change your way of thinking?" or "… how did that make you a whole person?" Not only should you answer the question perfectly, but you should also flat-out say, "… and the answer to your question is… " If part of the question includes "… how does that make you whole?" then somewhere in the essay your student should say, "I feel more whole when I’m singing because… "

Lastly, request some feedback from others. It really doesn’t matter whether they’re professional writers or not, just get their reaction. They also might notice errors that you don’t, because their eyes are not glazed over from reading the thing 20 times. Feel free to incorporate other people’s feedback, but make sure to keep the student’s ‘voice’ in the essay throughout, at all costs. This is their essay, and should be their effort throughout the process. Once you’ve sent it off, reward your student for their hard work, and a job well done!

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Writing and Presenting Academic Essays

Writing and Presenting Academic Essays

After you have chosen a question, one that you understand and interests you, reread the primary text with the question in mind, then analyse the text with the question in mind. It is essential that you make notes as you read your text whilst thinking about the key words in your chosen title, and select quotes that are relevant to the question.

Secondly, do some secondary reading. Use critics to build upon your argument, but do not let critics dominate your essay; show that you have engaged with the text.

Next create an essay plan, always keeping in mind the question. Never drift from the question. You must then work out what you are going to argue based on your analysis of the primary text and what you have discovered from secondary texts.

Finally complete a bibliography listing all the books, journals and websites you consulted when researching your essay.

Proof read your essay and check for:

•Incorrect grammar

•Incorrect punctuation

•Incorrect spelling

•Incorrect presentation

•Drifting from the question


•Unnecessary plot summary

•Very short and very long paragraphs


•Lack of analysis of quotations

•Omitted references/footnotes

•Incorrect presentation of bibliography

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How to Write a Killer College Essay

How to Write a Killer College Essay

The college essay is by far one of the best tools available within the application process to allow your student to significantly stand out from the competition. The reason why this is the case is because what admissions officers are looking for in the essay is information about the student’s character that cannot be captured in other parts of application. In other words, how well the student understands themselves and the clarity through which they can communicate that understanding. The essay section is more of a thought test than it is a writing test. The goal of course being one simple thing: to persuade your audience to accept the student into their college. Where most students fail in the essay writing process is focusing too heavily on writing to impress their audience instead of writing to persuade their audience. Got that?

I remember when I first began public speaking I use to believe that the best way to speak to an audience was loading them up on intelligent sounding facts and figures. I would always try to impress my audience with an extensive array of information in order to show them that I was qualified to be a public speaker. This always resulted in audience members passively listening and usually losing interest after being overwhelmed by too much unnecessary information. It wasn’t until I read a book by a man named Jonathan Sprinkles that I finally learned about the importance of emotionally connecting to an audience when I finally learned how to persuade my audience and get them to take action.

• Having a unique theme

• Eliciting powerful emotions

• Being specific in its examples

• Personal to the student

• Well organized and clear

I will warn you however of focusing too much on trying to make the college essay creative. It is far more intelligent to focus on making the essay actually sellable to the admissions office as opposed to being simply creative in nature. A good example of what I mean by this is when the Greek statesmen Aeschines spoke, his country said, "How well he speaks." But when his opponent Demosthenes spoke, they said "Let us march against Philip." The lesson being that it doesn’t matter how creative your student’s essay is if the college doesn’t actually doing anything because of it.

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Writing Internet Articles or Blogging Posts: Write Faster with Fewer Distractions

Writing Internet Articles or Blogging Posts: Write Faster with Fewer Distractions

Starting out at writing articles or blogs can be a time-consuming process, but a little self-discipline can reduce the time spent. When I first began writing every day, I found myself taking far too long to turn out work that should have taken a minimum amount of time to write. Here are several ways I have found myself wasting unnecessary time while learning how to write articles for the Internet. If you want to write more quickly, try not to fall into these traps!

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Challenges of Citing Websites, Blogs and Forums in Research Papers

Challenges of Citing Websites, Blogs and Forums in Research Papers

Anybody who does a lot of research probably uses the Internet and the search engines to find the information they need to study their field of expertise or industry. Of course there is a problem with citing web sites, blogs or Internet forums in research papers. One of the biggest problems is that many of these venues might change or even go off-line.

There are problems with research papers citing works which no longer exist and the research paper is not allowed to copy the information into the back of their appendix in the research paper because that would be considered plagiarism or might break copyright laws. Perhaps you can see the Catch-22. Often when our online think tank writes e-books or research papers we will cite web sites and we also realize that these web sites may change that information or disappear.

Can you begin to see the problem with this? This poses a real problem and most people know that there are web sites that are highly credible out there on the Internet. Even Wikipedia, has now been banned from being cited in academic college research papers under the MLA standards. Something will have to change to come into reality considering the way that the Internet has moved our society and civilization into the future.

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Six Sigma Best Practices Improve Revenue: A Case Study

Six Sigma Best Practices Improve Revenue: A Case Study

Six Sigma was developed in 1986 by Motorola and later, gained popularity with companies when Jack Welch implemented the business practices in General Electric. These best practices will reduce the number of defective products produced by companies and improve the efficiency of business practices. Six Sigma has increased the revenue of many companies.

Here is one case study example that can help companies learn how Six Sigma best practice can be applied:

One unnamed cellular service provider was experiencing a problem with their DMAIC process and online top-up system. The service provider was also experiencing low registration rates and top-up rates. Before Six Sigma was implemented, the registration success rate was approximately 80 percent, and the top-up success rates was approximately 60 percent.

Six Sigma Helps Companies Improve Business Practices

Businesses with an understanding of Six Sigma will improve significantly. Every company should consider Six Sigma training for their employees. Companies most often use Six Sigma black belt leaders to lead the projects. Six Sigma green belt leaders and Six Sigma yellow belt leaders are also effective in improving companies’ business processes. Businesses should consider integrating Six Sigma best practices in their organization to improve revenue and efficiency.

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