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Showing Ambition in Your MBA Essays – Part 2

Showing Ambition in Your MBA Essays – Part 2

So you’re wondering what kind of MBA career vision is worthy for you to gain admission at a top business school.

Where’s the easiest place to look?

For starters, try school websites. However, while you’re surfing through business school websites, try looking at student profiles. You’d be surprised at the responses and stories from most of these students. These are the types of candidates top business schools want to accept. Well, of course, these students have already been accepted so their career visions have gone through the application process. Their ambitions and goals are the perfect guidelines for you.

For example, Harvard Business School loves to show off its current students. If you click ‘Perspectives’ when you visit the website, you have a ton of profiles to read. Click on at least 10 profiles and jot some notes down, watch out for some key words, and try to get a good grasp of the overall student vision. I want you to take its grand-ness and apply to yours in some way. By no means am I saying to copy, rather, get a sense for what business schools are looking for and then apply this level of magnitude to your own stories.

Rule of thumb: The more competitive the business school is, the greater your career vision has to be. At Stanford Graduate School of Business, Associate Manager for Ernst & Young may be a great position, but it won’t turn heads. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t appreciate it; second tier and third tier schools may love this career vision. But you may have to provide some more excitement and juice to your career vision if you want to get into Harvard Business School.

As long as you make that career vision sound believable and realistic, you should be fine. As always, try to create a career vision that ties in with your past, your work experience, your hobbies. Good luck!

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Writing Tips For the Back-to-School Essay

Writing Tips For the Back-to-School Essay

Summer days are melting away as school bells prepare to chime. Three months of festivities have quickly vanished, but more fun and learning are about to unfold. A favorite back-to-school topic for writing is "What I Did This Summer". I admit, with chagrin, that I often assigned this odious task to my eighth graders. I wanted to learn more about them and vacation tales helped develop a picture of student interests, experiences, and of course, writing skills.

The problem is that the subject is enormous. Just think: three months, 90 days, 24 hours per day… That adds up to a whole lot of adventures. My students generally reacted to this assignment in one of two ways. The less than eager writers said, "I didn’t do anything", as if that excuse would release them from responsibility; the second group, having done hundreds of things over the summer proceeded to list every single one. "My Trip to Disneyland" became: we got up, ate breakfast, packed our suitcases, climbed in the car, bought gas, drove to Reno. I am sure you have the idea. There were no details, nothing to reveal the excitement and/or family trip agony of this event. Instead I read an inventory of every single dull moment of the excursion right up to Splash Mountain followed by the return home. Splash Mountain – I love this Disney ride. I enjoy reliving the breath-sucking thrill of shooting off the waterfalls and crashing into the shimmering pond below.

Your child may have used brainstorms in the past where ideas were dashed and dotted everywhere around the page and when time came to actually write the essay, frustration rampaged as she searched for organization in the jumbled mess. Now she can simply follow her notes to compose a well-formatted, easy to read story. For more information on the UNiversal Organizer check out Let me know how the UNO and Zoom Lens tools work for you.

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Writing and Presenting Academic Essays

Writing and Presenting Academic Essays

After you have chosen a question, one that you understand and interests you, reread the primary text with the question in mind, then analyse the text with the question in mind. It is essential that you make notes as you read your text whilst thinking about the key words in your chosen title, and select quotes that are relevant to the question.

Secondly, do some secondary reading. Use critics to build upon your argument, but do not let critics dominate your essay; show that you have engaged with the text.

Next create an essay plan, always keeping in mind the question. Never drift from the question. You must then work out what you are going to argue based on your analysis of the primary text and what you have discovered from secondary texts.

Finally complete a bibliography listing all the books, journals and websites you consulted when researching your essay.

Proof read your essay and check for:

•Incorrect grammar

•Incorrect punctuation

•Incorrect spelling

•Incorrect presentation

•Drifting from the question


•Unnecessary plot summary

•Very short and very long paragraphs


•Lack of analysis of quotations

•Omitted references/footnotes

•Incorrect presentation of bibliography

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The Dos and Don’ts of Language For the College Application Essay

The Dos and Don’ts of Language For the College Application Essay

The language we choose to use says a lot about us, so you can be sure the language you use in your college application essay will tell the admissions officer reading it a lot about you. You want to portray yourself as a talented student who is a good match for the university you are applying to. Here are three ways you can use language to achieve this objective and three common mistakes you should avoid:


DON’T Use Slang: By the very definition of the word, slang is language that not everybody understands. You want the admissions officer to understand you. Using slang cannot help your chances of admission, but it can hurt it.

DON’T Use Violent or Hostile Imagery: Your hatred of the school bully may be justified, but don’t write about how you want to slash his tires. Consistent negative imagery can inaccurately portray you as a bitter, hostile person. That’s not someone who will contribute positively to campus life and probably not someone the admissions committee will admit.

DON’T Overuse the Passive Voice: The passive voice puts people to sleep. Remember, these admissions officers read hundreds of essays per week. Your essay needs to be energetic and colorful if you are going to keep them engaged. Write about how "I saved my friends life when I was seven years old" not about how "my friends life was saved by me when I was seven years old."


DO Choose the Best Verbs: Students commonly mistake excessive use of adjectives and adverbs for good writing. On the contrary, one of the keys to good writing is to maximize the effectiveness of your verbs. Write about how you "hustled past the leader of the race" not about how you "ran quickly and aggressively past the leader of the race." The first phrase is far more compact and it conveys a more vivid image.

DO Show Some Personality: The essay is your opportunity to sell yourself to the admissions committee. What makes you unique? Are you funny? Are you quiet and introspective? Use language in the essay that best expresses your personality.

DO Use the Thesaurus (Carefully): You shouldn’t repeat the same word too often in your essay and particularly not twice in the same sentence. It sounds awkward. Use the thesaurus to avoid this. You have hundreds of thousands of words to choose from. Just be careful not to use a word that doesn’t make sense in the context of your sentence. Simply flipping through the thesaurus and then replacing the word "good" with the word "congenial" might not work. In fact, it might jump out at an admissions officer as an obvious thesaurus substitution. The best way to use the thesaurus is as a memory jog for words you know how to use properly, but might not think of off the top of your head. If you genuinely have to use a word you think is used correctly, but you’re not completely sure, make sure someone checks your work before you submit your essay.

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Want Your Paper to Be the Best It Can Be? Consider Essay Analysis

Want Your Paper to Be the Best It Can Be? Consider Essay Analysis

If you’ve just finished your writing assignment, then you know that proper editing and proofreading is something that is Paramount to ensure that your essay is as good as it can be and is something that gives you the grade you’re looking for. However, though you can proofread and edit it yourself, this is generally not something that is wise as you are the one that has written it and you may miss errors that others will catch. Not only that, if this is something you been working on for a long time then you may be loathe to try and find errors in your thinking and critical judgment. This is where outside essay analysis becomes an excellent idea.

Consider for a moment that proper essay analysis is more than just ensuring that your essay meets required structural guidelines. Something else to consider is that your university will most likely have a writing assistance Center that you can and should make use of. Most often students will make use of this for creative endeavors however, you can also have been analyze your essay as well. This is a very good idea because not only does it give you a break from polishing your essay it allows someone who has no emotional attachment to critically look at your essay and find not only errors in grammar and spelling but also errors where the thought process is broken down or paragraph that don’t make sense.

Something to consider when using essay analysis services is that you should don’t need it should not take it personally. Remember, it is not a reflection on you as a person. They are simply trying to help you create the best as a possible while still retaining your voice. As such, although you don’t have to take every single one of their suggestions and put them into practice, it is not wise to dismiss them all either. Remember that essay analysis has the sole purpose of trying to make your essay flow and sound better and as a result get you the highest grade possible. It will still be up to you to rewrite and incorporate the suggestions that are made however, it will make revisions that much quicker.

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Writing Internet Articles or Blogging Posts: Write Faster with Fewer Distractions

Writing Internet Articles or Blogging Posts: Write Faster with Fewer Distractions

Starting out at writing articles or blogs can be a time-consuming process, but a little self-discipline can reduce the time spent. When I first began writing every day, I found myself taking far too long to turn out work that should have taken a minimum amount of time to write. Here are several ways I have found myself wasting unnecessary time while learning how to write articles for the Internet. If you want to write more quickly, try not to fall into these traps!

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