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Case Study – Corporate Blogging

Case Study – Corporate Blogging

Not long ago a company found themselves in a little bit of a pickle with their corporate blog. Apparently, one of their employees read an article on another blog, which did not show their company in a positive light. The Corporate Employee thought that he would protect the company’s image so he trashed the author of the article he found on the Internet.

He called the author of that article many things such as an idiot, ignorant, and stupid. Turns out the author of the article did not own that other blog, rather the other blog owner built a quickly blog, then stole content from the author of the article and posted it there. Not only that, the date of the post showed up rather than the actual date of the article, which was originally written 3 years the prior.

The case will be interesting, but it shows how easy corporations can get into trouble with rogue employees and on their corporate blogs. Please be thinking here.

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